Installing Hearthstone into an Android Device for Dummies


Hearthstone is undeniably one of the hottest virtual card game right now. Well, unfortunately it was originally released just for iOS devices and only a few can access to it due to either one of these reasons — the device is not capable of running software and hardware-wise, or its because you are in a country not yet supported for the game. Either of the two will surely annoy you, but nothing beats the reason where you have an Android device and thus automatically disqualifies you from ever playing the game. Well, that was the case before, but right now has already been available on Android devices but it can tricky installing the game. That is why I am dedicating this blog post to help everyone install the game to their devices without even the need to root it. Furthermore, there is no need for you to decompile anything. I made this tutorial the easiest way possible because I know Hearthstone is the game that area played by a wide range of ages, and that includes those little ones.

Steps in Installing Hearthstone Game in an Android Device:

  1. First thing, you want to do is to download the modified files that will posted in the link at the end of this article. You will need a PC for this or you can simply use your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Now, the most common mistake is after they have downloaded it and the game won’t install because of security issues. Simply disable it in the settings and set your device to accept applications from unknown sources, and you are good to go.
  3. Third is to copy the downloaded .apk file from your PC or from your phone to this specific location in your phone memory. You may want to create those location if it does not exist in the directory.
    • Phone MemoryAndroidobbcom.blizzard.wtcg.hearthstonehearthstone.OBB
    • Phone Memory Androidobbcom.blizzard.wtcg.hearthstonehearthstone.OBB
    • Phone MemoryAndroidobbhearthstone.APK
  4. Now, run the APK file you have copied in the phone memory to start installing the game.
  5. Play and enjoy!

Now remember the above steps may vary from phone to phone. And it is also worth noting that Hearthstone is made for quadcore Android devices, any lower than that may not be able to play the game. Another thing, is that only Android 4.0 and above are the ones listed in the supported operating system. You might want to check your device first before following the above steps. Goodluck and enjoy!

EA Money Milking Scheme for the Sims 4


Everyone complains about why the Sims 4 left out a lot of features that the previous generation of Sims game have.  Well, time for me to jump on board on the bandwagon of haters or shall I shay complainants. BRING BACK the Sims features we love, who’s with me? Those features, if you haven’t noticed makes the game more natural and realistic. Those tiny things are the kind of things when combined makes a perfect for the game’s genre.  Well, you can’t really blame the gamers for their this because in the first place EA and Maxis’ offerings on their previous releases  have set the bar rather high for its sequel and upcoming games.

Just to be straight to the point, why didn’t the developers just packed all those things that we loved from Sims 1 to Sims 3 and make it possible in the Sims 4 telecharger? That would be pretty awesome right? I would definitely buy that game. No questions asked. That’s basically my  reaction after playing 30 minutes of this new game, the fourth outing for our now-kinda-less-interesting game with its less features. Hey, do not worry everyone, I have this feeling that DLC will get these things fixed but who would spend another dime for it? I don’t know how much would that cost but I can only imagine around 10 or more DLC and that is whole of money. I just can’t be that fool to be spending just for a game. This is just me saying what I think would happen since it follows pretty tightly from the events that I have observed with the Sims 3.


Turns out the scenario that I have imagined about the Sims 4 is correct. A greedy game developer and publisher in EA will try to milk out as much money as possible from their die hard fans who would spend just anything just to play this game. Back when it was announced some time the other year or two, I remember myself being so happy but then right now I guess the tides have changed after actually seeing and playing the game.   To be honest, I am happy with it having to spend my 60 dollars for this game. It just feels not right. It is the Sims game that I love. Something got to change this. I just don’t feel recommending this game to you especially to those hardcore fans. I’m sorry but that is what I honestly feel and the Sims 4 is not worth it.

What Makes Hay Day a Popular Farming Game?



I’m not gonna lie to you. This is the most mundane and overused video game concept I’ve ever played in my life. At least, that was my impression before playing this game called Hay Day. It’s like a mashed up version of Farmville, Farm Town, Harvest Moon and all those farm games that I can think of. I should also mention I have this feeling of getting easily bored by simulator games like this. Surpassed only by the fact that I am doing this for a professional cause.

Hay Day is both a game managing farm and doing different farm works which kind of repetitive and tedious at times. Actually, it’s about lots of crap that you can think of growing. And that’s the everything about this game. You need to care of your farm, and the whole game is getting this to progress. There will be also stuff like restaurants ordering vegetables, floral shops ordering flowers, and that you have to tend to it. In short, grow stuff, ship it out, learn to grow new stuff, ship that stuff, and get rewards.

Like a lot of farming games, it operates on a daily schedule. So every day, you kind of get to choose what to do and what to prioritize. It is about managing your time because it is inevitable that you will be bombarded of so much work and you have to decide for yourself what is the best course of action. There might be a friend outside, waiting to place an order. There might be a letter in your mailbox, which usually leads to minigames, that unlock new seeds. And of course, there’s your farm and everything on it. That’s where the bulk of the game takes place. That’s where you plant, grow and harvest more than 50 kinds of plants. So it’s a lot of daily upkeep, as well as management. You only have a certain amount of space to work with. So you can only plant so much stuff at once.

It’s a really simple game, but it’s also loads of fun and challenging at times. And what I like about this one, compared to some of those that were released ahead of it is the management stuff and option to get the best Hay Day diamond. So instead of just a selection of minigames, it’s all placed within the context of operating a farm. You have to pay attention to orders, you have manage your garden and as do that, and have successful harvests, your farm actually levels up. Which means it gets bigger, and there’s even more to do.

Hay Day is majority farming simulation elements, and all placed within the framework of what is really a game about management. The concept is nothing new but I love it. I love the design, I love the simplicity. All these individual parts really come together well. But there is room for criticism in terms of the individual parts. Fortunately, the interface is generally well done.  Games like this always amaze me, because it somehow find a way to make mundane busywork…fun.

Call of Duty Heroes – Strategy Game at its Best


The first ever Call of Duty game was a very good video game. And so is that second one. Actually back in the day that two titles started what COD has become in the recent years. And when I was a kid, not playing these titles was a definite blow to my emotional development. Like, when you’re around 8  years of age, you don’t really have any experience with disappointment. I mean, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Early bedtime?  Like, that’s tragedy, when you’re 8. So imagine how I felt when my parents, when both of them started telling me to stop playing Call of Duty because it is too violent with all those killing and blood, not to mention the guns.

Thanks a lot to my parents. Perhaps, they just want the best out of my childhood. So I went oh, probably 10years without playing any of Activision’s Call of Duty game again. I’m serious, it’s not funny, Activision. So when I saw this new game Call of Duty Heroes which is basically not the usual violent looking first-person shooter game, well, I reevaluated my decision of not playing COD games.  Listen, I may have a lot of personal problems, but I’m a totally in love when it comes to strategy games on mobile devices nowadays. So I decided to give this game a shot in the hope of making a good memory in this new era of Activision game.

It wasn’t very long until I realized something wasn’t right. Because something was right. This wasn’t that crushing blow to my emotional development that I remembered. This was something good. Something decent. Something pure. This was new Call of Duty Heroes game. And never has one word made such a difference. So I had no idea this game even existed. That’s partially because of where I live, partially because I made a life decision to ignore these game titles. But as it turns out, while Activision ruined our childhood here in the States, things were different in Europe. And Japan, too. Because they didn’t get the same treatment as we did.  Like, legitimately. This is seriously one of the best base building games I’ve ever played on my iPad.

I’m not a hardcore gamer but I’ve never been more eager of a mobile game in my life. I would’ve given anything to have this game played every time I have a spare time.  My psychiatrist would’ve appreciated it, too. So where Activision’s game  is a worthless piece of slime, ignorant disgusting blob, with a weak electrochemical bond, this is like, a well-designed video game can be downloaded at their site. Imagine that.  You can tell some genuine effort went into this. I mean, there are lots of games on the same genre today that don’t capture their players’ attention as much as this game does. So the detail is great, the sprites are adorable and it’s got an awesome soundtrack, which actually includes music from those Call of Duty games we loved. And the thing that really sets it apart is that it plays as sharp in 3D as it looks. In fact, the central gameplay mechanic might be the game’s greatest achievement.

It’s one of those games that embraced the limitations of simple controllers to deliver gameplay that was precise, fast and addictive. Gameplay that still holds up, too. In fact, this Call of Duty Heroes game kind of reminds me of Clash of Clans but with a much better overall experience. And that’s kind of insane. I guess if I have any complaints some of the enemies are a bit of a stretch. And some of the levels feel a bit long which is understandable, since there’s not many. For those playing this game right now, consider yourselves lucky. How I wish I was have known this game earlier. Nevertheless, the game bring some memories and gamers don’t really get old, so I will be brutally honest of saying — I am loving this game!