The Incredibles 2 Movie Review


Whether you are young-at-heart or just appreciate anime movies, you should never miss theWalt Disney and Pixar’s The Incredibles. Considered as one of the biggest superhero flicks of all time due to their million gross and mostly positive reviews. This movie will surely be a fun movie for every member of the family. Due to the success of the first Incredibles, the creator, after more than a decade, decided to create a sequel. Many people have been waiting on Incredibles 2 for a while now. And because there is a lack of animated movies, it is the perfect timing for the movie to be shown.  

The Incredibles 2 Plot

  The movie is about a family of superheroes that deals with midlife crisis, marital issue, child problems, and impotence fears. Although it is a cartoon-based film, the story and lessons that it offers are what a usual and normal family is all about. It shows that no matter how powerful a family or the members of the family are, there will always a test to surpass. Incredibles 2 rotates around the story where Helen, also known as Elastigirl, was given an opportunity to do the superhero job. Mr. Incredible was left to stay at home and take care of their children. He faces different kinds of problems from being a home dad while his wife becomes busy saving the world. The children get tied up to the situation that makes them both think of what could make things better.  

The Incredibles 2 Compared to First

  From the success of the first Incredibles, comes the most awaited sequel. Although it is a follow-up movie, the two are quite different from each other. The first one mainly focuses on the family being superheroes and how they save their community, while the 2018 Incredibles rotates more ona familycrisis. It is a combination of action and comedy with rich detailed animation. Composed of some of the best action scenes in a cartoon that is purely entertaining. The parenting that it shows reflects the recent situation for the most family today. Wherein how a father can control his ego knowing that his wife is the one providing for the whole family? This film’s melodrama features every character and how they survived together. They showed that a family that lifts and supports each other’s up will always make a way to understand every situation. And that anyone needs a helping hand, no matter how powerful they are. Conclusion It may be easy to forget and replace the Incredibles, but the Incredibles 2 offers a whole lot more. This is a great animated movie that is not only for kids. A lot of moral lessons and realization about handling the family in times of difficulties is what you can expect about the movie. The Incredibles 2 is one of the must-watch movies this year. Don’t miss out on this fun-filled movie. So what are you waiting for? Invite your whole family and friends and see for yourself why this movie hits millions worldwide.