The Incredibles 2 Movie Review


Whether you are young-at-heart or just appreciate anime movies, you should never miss theWalt Disney and Pixar’s The Incredibles. Considered as one of the biggest superhero flicks of all time due to their million gross and mostly positive reviews. This movie will surely be a fun movie for every member of the family. Due to the success of the first Incredibles, the creator, after more than a decade, decided to create a sequel. Many people have been waiting on Incredibles 2 for a while now. And because there is a lack of animated movies, it is the perfect timing for the movie to be shown.  

The Incredibles 2 Plot

  The movie is about a family of superheroes that deals with midlife crisis, marital issue, child problems, and impotence fears. Although it is a cartoon-based film, the story and lessons that it offers are what a usual and normal family is all about. It shows that no matter how powerful a family or the members of the family are, there will always a test to surpass. Incredibles 2 rotates around the story where Helen, also known as Elastigirl, was given an opportunity to do the superhero job. Mr. Incredible was left to stay at home and take care of their children. He faces different kinds of problems from being a home dad while his wife becomes busy saving the world. The children get tied up to the situation that makes them both think of what could make things better.  

The Incredibles 2 Compared to First

  From the success of the first Incredibles, comes the most awaited sequel. Although it is a follow-up movie, the two are quite different from each other. The first one mainly focuses on the family being superheroes and how they save their community, while the 2018 Incredibles rotates more ona familycrisis. It is a combination of action and comedy with rich detailed animation. Composed of some of the best action scenes in a cartoon that is purely entertaining. The parenting that it shows reflects the recent situation for the most family today. Wherein how a father can control his ego knowing that his wife is the one providing for the whole family? This film’s melodrama features every character and how they survived together. They showed that a family that lifts and supports each other’s up will always make a way to understand every situation. And that anyone needs a helping hand, no matter how powerful they are. Conclusion It may be easy to forget and replace the Incredibles, but the Incredibles 2 offers a whole lot more. This is a great animated movie that is not only for kids. A lot of moral lessons and realization about handling the family in times of difficulties is what you can expect about the movie. The Incredibles 2 is one of the must-watch movies this year. Don’t miss out on this fun-filled movie. So what are you waiting for? Invite your whole family and friends and see for yourself why this movie hits millions worldwide.    

Thought on Pokemon Games: What Makes it Special?


Over the years, we have been hearing a lot from one of the famous game series of all time — that is Pokemon. It has stand the test of time, and to date it is incredibly holding its ground and still making hits after hits after almost two decades of being relevant in the gaming industry. The big question that has always bugged a lot of the gamers and enthusiast around the world is the how does it even possible? What makes these game Pokemon game titles special? It is pretty obvious that the game has this very pathetic graphics right? With all those pixels, and the 2D birds eye view visual quality, why do gamers still are addicted and hyped with these games? What makes it special? Is there a secret formula that Nintendo and Game Freak implemented that others do not know?

There are so many questions, but will there be answer to these? Well, to be honest, speaking from a gamers standpoint Pokemon games like this new Download Pokemon Omega Ruby 3DS Rom  is the same as those that came before it. One thing for sure is the fact that over time, graphics has been revamped and improved bit by bit so give the gaming audience a better gameplay experience. However, despite the improvement graphically speaking, it is still way behind other portable consoles where pixels matter most. Moreover, most people nowadays prefer nowadays to game with their smartphones which has better processor and display capability when compared to most of the consoles at its price range. Now despite all that, the game still sales like hot cake in a cold morning.

If there is one thing that I can point out and that makes sense to me as a gamer, the ultimate secret for Pokemon’s success is its unique gameplay experience. It is known to most of us that this game belongs to the strategy genre. Meaning, this game is not necessarily needing someone who is exceptional on skills like moving or clicking or timing for that matter. It does however need someone who knows how to put a winning strategy in this competitive world of Pokemons. And the most important aspect of it is persistence and practice. Nobody will be able to be the very unless he is willing to put up the world required of him. What do you think about Pokemon? What makes it special?

Sonic Adventure 2 Gets a Makeover


It all started when DreamCast was dead, two of the big companies when it come gaming console — Nintendo and Sega agreed to cease the cold war. Sega then re-released this game from the Dreamcast, marking the first Sonic game on Nintendo’s GameCube, making it the end of the bitter rivalry of two video game publishers. This is Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, on the Nintendo GameCube, a fun game with a good bit of variety, though a few oddball things tossed in.

Sonic Adventure 2 introduces us to two new playable characters: Rouge the Bat, who’s a gem-obsessed government spy seeking the Chaos Emeralds, and Shadow The Hedgehog, a creation of Dr. Eggman’s granddaddy who touts himself as the ‘Ultimate Life Form.’ Everyone gets Shadow and Sonic confused during this game and other games as well, and that always confused me. They look nothing alike! You can choose which group of characters you’d like to play as, choosing to save the world or conquer it, and once you complete both stories, a final story to conclude the game becomes available.

I always start with the Dark story, since it’s fun being the bad guys. With 6 characters to play as, Sonic Adventure 2 has to do a few things different to keep things interesting. Sonic and Shadow have speed-focused action stages, which are probably the most fun to play. Sonic and Shadow don’t have very many levels though, which is sad, because just when you’re finally getting into the game, they hit you with the treasure hunting stages for Knuckles and Rouge which are just not fun at all, to me.

The camera in the whole game is a little wonky, but it’s downright frustrating in these levels as you can probably tell here. You follow a radar to find keys and emeralds in these stages, with vague hints to assist you. There are far worse levels in other games I’m sure, but these levels just are not all that fun, they’re kind of boring. Tails and Robotnik or Eggman or whatever his name is, have the biggest difference in gameplay from the other characters, walking around in giant mechs and shooting enemies in slower, longer stages. These are pretty fun, since you get to blow up a ton of stuff and in some cases, are more difficult than other levels and it’s pretty cool that this is the first game we get to play as everyone’s favorite immature animal-hating mustache.

Every character has upgradeable gear that grants new abilities or firepower, and most of the levels are pretty well detailed with cool stuff going in the background, like the equipment in the space colony or the advertisements in the city. The 3D models for characters are a little awkward in some cut scenes, like Shadow in this cutscene, but overall it’s a decent looking game.

Overall, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is a fun game with a good bit of variety in it, even if it has a bit of an oddball story about Eggman’s revenge focused Grandfather, Shadow’s status as the Ultimate Life Form, and why everyone can’t tell the damn difference between a blue and black hedgehog. There’s also a pretty awesome soundtrack in my opinion, though I’m not a huge fan of the Knuckles Rap for some of his stages. Sonic Adventure 2 is getting another re-release on PlayStation and other services in widescreen HD later this year, and it’s a game worth looking into if you’re into Sonic, but just be ready to get used to different controls and gameplay styles if you just got done playing the newer Sonic Colors or Sonic Generations.