Fans and Lovers Of Pokemon Looking for More Good Innovational Game

Looking at the fan’s response, all the excitement for that story it will be is really enjoyable to find out that Pokemon is evolving its graphics and game play. However, with the same time it really is certainly lots of pressure. Game Freak can do its better to develop a game which is really as good as those anticipation.
Obviously, it is extremely hard to make the game,” Masuda noted. “Therefore I wish people aren’t getting their anticipations up too high.

Pokémon followers around the globe have only ever encountered the main RPG sequence on handheld devices, beginning with Pokémon Red and Blue versions within the late ’90s for the Game Boy. Since that time, four Nintendo home consoles came and gone without the hint at getting a sequel from the main Pokémon series.

The Switch’s flexibility as both equally in home and handheld console allow it to be a good changeover for the Pokémon series, although with fans clamoring for any game on home games consoles for approximately two decades, it’s not irrational for the programmers feeling like there are lots of hype.
Fans responded having a mix of pleasure and frustration. Numerous lamented getting shown re-releases of older video games, instead of something new. For the 3DS earned certain critique, which includes voicing their own desire to have a different Pokemon game on the Switch, instead of for the older Nintendo handheld. For months, rumours have spread with regard to a considerably improved advanced edition of pokemon game, allegedly called Pokemon Stars, being in progression for the Switch. Nintendo have not mentioned about the rumours.
Pokemon lovers’ goals are ultimately developing. Considering that the multi-billion dollar franchise introduced in 1996, fans have clamoured for just one of the series’ main online games to be released over a home console. However, Nintendo, and also programmer Game Freak, happen to be resolute to keep the series limited to dedicated handhelds.
These kinds of concepts come from lots of various places, the gameplay, the visuals, the story, and the end all those recommendations just get centralized and designed.”

Masuda additionally states the team loves to treat Pokémon just as if these were living creatures, visualizing just where they might live and exactly they might eat. “When making Pokémon, and not simply from the graphic design viewpoint, there has to be an excuse for the reason why it appears to be the way in which and also to think about the reason why it may live in the Pokémon world,” he says.
There are several fascinating stuff in Game Informer’s interview. You should check out the 12-page function within the most recent issue.

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The Restricting Truth About SimCash and Simoleons to SimCity BuildIt


Once you begin playing SimCity BuildIt you will be facing an issue on how to easily acquire Simoleons and Simcash, considering that these are standard currency which are very rare to gather.  Obviously making money in SimCity BuildIt is not that easy but there are basic ideas to make it simple and while doing so you can enjoy the process and make your City into money generating metropolis

Simoleons are important if you manage a developing City that is why it is ideal to build residence houses and upgrade them. The more you have plenty of residence the more you will receive Simoleons in the game. Doing this task will let you help develop your City from the scratch.

Another thing after you reach at level 5 it is important to build the City Hall. City Hall enables you collect taxes from your Sim residence. The amount you collect will vary how much you make your population satisfied and happy by providing them entertainment, parks and giving them basic needs such as water and electricity. As you make your residence happy they will give you money in return

Another thing you can do when you logged to the video game, you can find icon popping above your building (water buildings, parks and so forth). You click the coins icon and you will have a deal offered for you. You may give away some of your goods and in return you will receive coins. Another thing, if your City start to generate goods you may sell your materials to another online players. However, if you don’t want to waste your time doing these simple steps of generating money you may as well purchase these Simoleons or Simcash from Google Play. On the other hand if you are looking for free Simoleons and Simcash you can visit trusted site like that will give you unlimited resources. There are have been positive feedback, so that is why is the recommended by so many.

GTA 5 Glitching Thru Walls the Fast and Easy Way

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I have been playing a lot lately with Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online, and it would be safe to say and that I am officially a fan of the game after it has been released with so much bugs and glitches. I have to admit I don’t like those but sometimes things like glitches makes the game fun, isn’t it right? With that, I’m going to show you how you can walk thru doors and thin walls without even the need to open them. To give you an idea, I just entered through the door into the bank vault inside. In GTA Online, normally this would never be possible. However, this is  pretty harmless which you know you’re not going to be getting an unfair advantage over anybody. It is just a good and kind of neat way to see and get into different places you wouldn’t usually be able to get to.

This is extremely simple. First is you want to do stand in front of a door, in this case I am standing in a door of a bank. You can find this in the south of Trevor’s airfield. Once you’re here, you want to walk up to the front door and you want to go to your interaction menu. Meanwhile, you’re walking into the front door enable passive mode and then as soon as you enable you can disable producing a countdown timer come up in the bottom right hand corner. All this while you should be walking in the door. It seems that you aren’t moving but I am pressing into the door and as soon as passive mode timer runs out Iran’s and I phased through the door. Once you’re inside, you can just wreak havoc on people. You are very much safe inside this building. Police can’t get in and the doors are pretty much bullet proof.

This trick will get you inside a lot of buildings you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get into. And just to be clear, this is not going to have you glitching through walls that are like one foot thick. These are mainly for those that are really thin such as doors windows and things like that. I’m showing you guys this is because like I said I don’t really see this as harmful. I’m sorry if you do, but my opinion this is not really going to give you an unfair advantage or edge over anybody. So that is it! For more tricks and tutorials playing GTA V Online.

EA Money Milking Scheme for the Sims 4


Everyone complains about why the Sims 4 left out a lot of features that the previous generation of Sims game have.  Well, time for me to jump on board on the bandwagon of haters or shall I shay complainants. BRING BACK the Sims features we love, who’s with me? Those features, if you haven’t noticed makes the game more natural and realistic. Those tiny things are the kind of things when combined makes a perfect for the game’s genre.  Well, you can’t really blame the gamers for their this because in the first place EA and Maxis’ offerings on their previous releases  have set the bar rather high for its sequel and upcoming games.

Just to be straight to the point, why didn’t the developers just packed all those things that we loved from Sims 1 to Sims 3 and make it possible in the Sims 4 telecharger? That would be pretty awesome right? I would definitely buy that game. No questions asked. That’s basically my  reaction after playing 30 minutes of this new game, the fourth outing for our now-kinda-less-interesting game with its less features. Hey, do not worry everyone, I have this feeling that DLC will get these things fixed but who would spend another dime for it? I don’t know how much would that cost but I can only imagine around 10 or more DLC and that is whole of money. I just can’t be that fool to be spending just for a game. This is just me saying what I think would happen since it follows pretty tightly from the events that I have observed with the Sims 3.


Turns out the scenario that I have imagined about the Sims 4 is correct. A greedy game developer and publisher in EA will try to milk out as much money as possible from their die hard fans who would spend just anything just to play this game. Back when it was announced some time the other year or two, I remember myself being so happy but then right now I guess the tides have changed after actually seeing and playing the game.   To be honest, I am happy with it having to spend my 60 dollars for this game. It just feels not right. It is the Sims game that I love. Something got to change this. I just don’t feel recommending this game to you especially to those hardcore fans. I’m sorry but that is what I honestly feel and the Sims 4 is not worth it.

What Makes Hay Day a Popular Farming Game?



I’m not gonna lie to you. This is the most mundane and overused video game concept I’ve ever played in my life. At least, that was my impression before playing this game called Hay Day. It’s like a mashed up version of Farmville, Farm Town, Harvest Moon and all those farm games that I can think of. I should also mention I have this feeling of getting easily bored by simulator games like this. Surpassed only by the fact that I am doing this for a professional cause.

Hay Day is both a game managing farm and doing different farm works which kind of repetitive and tedious at times. Actually, it’s about lots of crap that you can think of growing. And that’s the everything about this game. You need to care of your farm, and the whole game is getting this to progress. There will be also stuff like restaurants ordering vegetables, floral shops ordering flowers, and that you have to tend to it. In short, grow stuff, ship it out, learn to grow new stuff, ship that stuff, and get rewards.

Like a lot of farming games, it operates on a daily schedule. So every day, you kind of get to choose what to do and what to prioritize. It is about managing your time because it is inevitable that you will be bombarded of so much work and you have to decide for yourself what is the best course of action. There might be a friend outside, waiting to place an order. There might be a letter in your mailbox, which usually leads to minigames, that unlock new seeds. And of course, there’s your farm and everything on it. That’s where the bulk of the game takes place. That’s where you plant, grow and harvest more than 50 kinds of plants. So it’s a lot of daily upkeep, as well as management. You only have a certain amount of space to work with. So you can only plant so much stuff at once.

It’s a really simple game, but it’s also loads of fun and challenging at times. And what I like about this one, compared to some of those that were released ahead of it is the management stuff and option to get the best Hay Day diamond. So instead of just a selection of minigames, it’s all placed within the context of operating a farm. You have to pay attention to orders, you have manage your garden and as do that, and have successful harvests, your farm actually levels up. Which means it gets bigger, and there’s even more to do.

Hay Day is majority farming simulation elements, and all placed within the framework of what is really a game about management. The concept is nothing new but I love it. I love the design, I love the simplicity. All these individual parts really come together well. But there is room for criticism in terms of the individual parts. Fortunately, the interface is generally well done.  Games like this always amaze me, because it somehow find a way to make mundane busywork…fun.

Call of Duty Heroes – Strategy Game at its Best


The first ever Call of Duty game was a very good video game. And so is that second one. Actually back in the day that two titles started what COD has become in the recent years. And when I was a kid, not playing these titles was a definite blow to my emotional development. Like, when you’re around 8  years of age, you don’t really have any experience with disappointment. I mean, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Early bedtime?  Like, that’s tragedy, when you’re 8. So imagine how I felt when my parents, when both of them started telling me to stop playing Call of Duty because it is too violent with all those killing and blood, not to mention the guns.

Thanks a lot to my parents. Perhaps, they just want the best out of my childhood. So I went oh, probably 10years without playing any of Activision’s Call of Duty game again. I’m serious, it’s not funny, Activision. So when I saw this new game Call of Duty Heroes which is basically not the usual violent looking first-person shooter game, well, I reevaluated my decision of not playing COD games.  Listen, I may have a lot of personal problems, but I’m a totally in love when it comes to strategy games on mobile devices nowadays. So I decided to give this game a shot in the hope of making a good memory in this new era of Activision game.

It wasn’t very long until I realized something wasn’t right. Because something was right. This wasn’t that crushing blow to my emotional development that I remembered. This was something good. Something decent. Something pure. This was new Call of Duty Heroes game. And never has one word made such a difference. So I had no idea this game even existed. That’s partially because of where I live, partially because I made a life decision to ignore these game titles. But as it turns out, while Activision ruined our childhood here in the States, things were different in Europe. And Japan, too. Because they didn’t get the same treatment as we did.  Like, legitimately. This is seriously one of the best base building games I’ve ever played on my iPad.

I’m not a hardcore gamer but I’ve never been more eager of a mobile game in my life. I would’ve given anything to have this game played every time I have a spare time.  My psychiatrist would’ve appreciated it, too. So where Activision’s game  is a worthless piece of slime, ignorant disgusting blob, with a weak electrochemical bond, this is like, a well-designed video game can be downloaded at their site. Imagine that.  You can tell some genuine effort went into this. I mean, there are lots of games on the same genre today that don’t capture their players’ attention as much as this game does. So the detail is great, the sprites are adorable and it’s got an awesome soundtrack, which actually includes music from those Call of Duty games we loved. And the thing that really sets it apart is that it plays as sharp in 3D as it looks. In fact, the central gameplay mechanic might be the game’s greatest achievement.

It’s one of those games that embraced the limitations of simple controllers to deliver gameplay that was precise, fast and addictive. Gameplay that still holds up, too. In fact, this Call of Duty Heroes game kind of reminds me of Clash of Clans but with a much better overall experience. And that’s kind of insane. I guess if I have any complaints some of the enemies are a bit of a stretch. And some of the levels feel a bit long which is understandable, since there’s not many. For those playing this game right now, consider yourselves lucky. How I wish I was have known this game earlier. Nevertheless, the game bring some memories and gamers don’t really get old, so I will be brutally honest of saying — I am loving this game!

Game Perspective: Boom Beach After a Year


It has been a year since Boom Beach has been released by SuperCell. I guess it is just apt for us to look at the things on how the turned out after it was being dubbed as Clash of Clans copycat and competition withstanding the fact that it has been created by the same company. Well at first many of us even those who are authority when it comes to the gaming world the legitimacy of the game and its aim knowing the fact that COC is already making waves and tons of money with its allegedly 2 million US dollars revenue per day. In addition, things seem to be counter productive for the company making a new title that is and can be  a potential factor for lessening the player base of a well established game in Clash of Clans? After a year, I guess things have been clearer for us who where once a questioning mind to Boom Beach.

The gaming community November last year was kind of shock when they knew about the release of a new game by SuperCell. At first they were hyped up knowing the reputation that the company has already built on. After sometime, the gaming public realized that the game is quite similar to the Clash of Clans. In fact there are subtle differences. Not to mention that there are lots of features that are missing to the game that can potentially be a deal breaker for those who have fallen in love with a full bloom freemium base building strategy game. Despite all that has been said, Supercell came out strong and undaunted. They know that they have better plans and that it can turn the tables for them. Thus, the game continued to be available worldwide after some stint on its beta phase.

It is safe to say that the game pretty much negated all those who doubted it. Yes, it is somehow similar to Clash of Clans but ultimately there are features that makes it unique and gives fans a better gameplay as far as personal gaming experience is concern. The game is not there to compete with the its big brother but rather it is there to give fans an options to enjoy other games with the same feel while they wait on a lengthy battle of upgrades. Apart from that, it also has better implementation of the “Freemium” marketing scheme. And lastly the game is there for future proofing of the company. They know that somehow Clash of Clans will be dead soon.


Thought on Pokemon Games: What Makes it Special?


Over the years, we have been hearing a lot from one of the famous game series of all time — that is Pokemon. It has stand the test of time, and to date it is incredibly holding its ground and still making hits after hits after almost two decades of being relevant in the gaming industry. The big question that has always bugged a lot of the gamers and enthusiast around the world is the how does it even possible? What makes these game Pokemon game titles special? It is pretty obvious that the game has this very pathetic graphics right? With all those pixels, and the 2D birds eye view visual quality, why do gamers still are addicted and hyped with these games? What makes it special? Is there a secret formula that Nintendo and Game Freak implemented that others do not know?

There are so many questions, but will there be answer to these? Well, to be honest, speaking from a gamers standpoint Pokemon games like this new Download Pokemon Omega Ruby 3DS Rom  is the same as those that came before it. One thing for sure is the fact that over time, graphics has been revamped and improved bit by bit so give the gaming audience a better gameplay experience. However, despite the improvement graphically speaking, it is still way behind other portable consoles where pixels matter most. Moreover, most people nowadays prefer nowadays to game with their smartphones which has better processor and display capability when compared to most of the consoles at its price range. Now despite all that, the game still sales like hot cake in a cold morning.

If there is one thing that I can point out and that makes sense to me as a gamer, the ultimate secret for Pokemon’s success is its unique gameplay experience. It is known to most of us that this game belongs to the strategy genre. Meaning, this game is not necessarily needing someone who is exceptional on skills like moving or clicking or timing for that matter. It does however need someone who knows how to put a winning strategy in this competitive world of Pokemons. And the most important aspect of it is persistence and practice. Nobody will be able to be the very unless he is willing to put up the world required of him. What do you think about Pokemon? What makes it special?

Sonic Adventure 2 Gets a Makeover


It all started when DreamCast was dead, two of the big companies when it come gaming console — Nintendo and Sega agreed to cease the cold war. Sega then re-released this game from the Dreamcast, marking the first Sonic game on Nintendo’s GameCube, making it the end of the bitter rivalry of two video game publishers. This is Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, on the Nintendo GameCube, a fun game with a good bit of variety, though a few oddball things tossed in.

Sonic Adventure 2 introduces us to two new playable characters: Rouge the Bat, who’s a gem-obsessed government spy seeking the Chaos Emeralds, and Shadow The Hedgehog, a creation of Dr. Eggman’s granddaddy who touts himself as the ‘Ultimate Life Form.’ Everyone gets Shadow and Sonic confused during this game and other games as well, and that always confused me. They look nothing alike! You can choose which group of characters you’d like to play as, choosing to save the world or conquer it, and once you complete both stories, a final story to conclude the game becomes available.

I always start with the Dark story, since it’s fun being the bad guys. With 6 characters to play as, Sonic Adventure 2 has to do a few things different to keep things interesting. Sonic and Shadow have speed-focused action stages, which are probably the most fun to play. Sonic and Shadow don’t have very many levels though, which is sad, because just when you’re finally getting into the game, they hit you with the treasure hunting stages for Knuckles and Rouge which are just not fun at all, to me.

The camera in the whole game is a little wonky, but it’s downright frustrating in these levels as you can probably tell here. You follow a radar to find keys and emeralds in these stages, with vague hints to assist you. There are far worse levels in other games I’m sure, but these levels just are not all that fun, they’re kind of boring. Tails and Robotnik or Eggman or whatever his name is, have the biggest difference in gameplay from the other characters, walking around in giant mechs and shooting enemies in slower, longer stages. These are pretty fun, since you get to blow up a ton of stuff and in some cases, are more difficult than other levels and it’s pretty cool that this is the first game we get to play as everyone’s favorite immature animal-hating mustache.

Every character has upgradeable gear that grants new abilities or firepower, and most of the levels are pretty well detailed with cool stuff going in the background, like the equipment in the space colony or the advertisements in the city. The 3D models for characters are a little awkward in some cut scenes, like Shadow in this cutscene, but overall it’s a decent looking game.

Overall, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is a fun game with a good bit of variety in it, even if it has a bit of an oddball story about Eggman’s revenge focused Grandfather, Shadow’s status as the Ultimate Life Form, and why everyone can’t tell the damn difference between a blue and black hedgehog. There’s also a pretty awesome soundtrack in my opinion, though I’m not a huge fan of the Knuckles Rap for some of his stages. Sonic Adventure 2 is getting another re-release on PlayStation and other services in widescreen HD later this year, and it’s a game worth looking into if you’re into Sonic, but just be ready to get used to different controls and gameplay styles if you just got done playing the newer Sonic Colors or Sonic Generations.