GTA 5 Glitching Thru Walls the Fast and Easy Way

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I have been playing a lot lately with Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online, and it would be safe to say and that I am officially a fan of the game after it has been released with so much bugs and glitches. I have to admit I don’t like those but sometimes things like glitches makes the game fun, isn’t it right? With that, I’m going to show you how you can walk thru doors and thin walls without even the need to open them. To give you an idea, I just entered through the door into the bank vault inside. In GTA Online, normally this would never be possible. However, this isĀ  pretty harmless which you know you’re not going to be getting an unfair advantage over anybody. It is just a good and kind of neat way to see and get into different places you wouldn’t usually be able to get to.

This is extremely simple. First is you want to do stand in front of a door, in this case I am standing in a door of a bank. You can find this in the south of Trevor’s airfield. Once you’re here, you want to walk up to the front door and you want to go to your interaction menu. Meanwhile, you’re walking into the front door enable passive mode and then as soon as you enable you can disable producing a countdown timer come up in the bottom right hand corner. All this while you should be walking in the door. It seems that you aren’t moving but I am pressing into the door and as soon as passive mode timer runs out Iran’s and I phased through the door. Once you’re inside, you can just wreak havoc on people. You are very much safe inside this building. Police can’t get in and the doors are pretty much bullet proof.

This trick will get you inside a lot of buildings you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get into. And just to be clear, this is not going to have you glitching through walls that are like one foot thick. These are mainly for those that are really thin such as doors windows and things like that. I’m showing you guys this is because like I said I don’t really see this as harmful. I’m sorry if you do, but my opinion this is not really going to give you an unfair advantage or edge over anybody. So that is it! For more tricks and tutorials playing GTA V Online.

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