Installing Hearthstone into an Android Device for Dummies


Hearthstone is undeniably one of the hottest virtual card game right now. Well, unfortunately it was originally released just for iOS devices and only a few can access to it due to either one of these reasons — the device is not capable of running software and hardware-wise, or its because you are in a country not yet supported for the game. Either of the two will surely annoy you, but nothing beats the reason where you have an Android device and thus automatically disqualifies you from ever playing the game. Well, that was the case before, but right now has already been available on Android devices but it can tricky installing the game. That is why I am dedicating this blog post to help everyone install the game to their devices without even the need to root it. Furthermore, there is no need for you to decompile anything. I made this tutorial the easiest way possible because I know Hearthstone is the game that area played by a wide range of ages, and that includes those little ones.

Steps in Installing Hearthstone Game in an Android Device:

  1. First thing, you want to do is to download the modified files that will posted in the link at the end of this article. You will need a PC for this or you can simply use your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Now, the most common mistake is after they have downloaded it and the game won’t install because of security issues. Simply disable it in the settings and set your device to accept applications from unknown sources, and you are good to go.
  3. Third is to copy the downloaded .apk file from your PC or from your phone to this specific location in your phone memory. You may want to create those location if it does not exist in the directory.
    • Phone MemoryAndroidobbcom.blizzard.wtcg.hearthstonehearthstone.OBB
    • Phone Memory Androidobbcom.blizzard.wtcg.hearthstonehearthstone.OBB
    • Phone MemoryAndroidobbhearthstone.APK
  4. Now, run the APK file you have copied in the phone memory to start installing the game.
  5. Play and enjoy!

Now remember the above steps may vary from phone to phone. And it is also worth noting that Hearthstone is made for quadcore Android devices, any lower than that may not be able to play the game. Another thing, is that only Android 4.0 and above are the ones listed in the supported operating system. You might want to check your device first before following the above steps. Goodluck and enjoy!