Fastest USB SSD on the Planet Unmasked

Speed is one of the main goals when it comes to computing and technological advancement ever since the endeavor started way back some few centuries ago. We, humans, want to do things swiftly that we put so much important on how fast our computers and other gadgets can perform. Companies and developers are toe to toe with other coming up with innovations that can potentially give them the edge against their competitions.

USB drives, I mean now that  that I can get four gigs once enough to install an OS for free with press kits about new products or whatever online, they’ve got to do something pretty special in order to grab my attention especially if they come from a company that doesn’t normally even make USB drives like VisionTek. This is not VisionTek’s first portable SSD. They actually had a product that you plug in MSata SSD into a little enclosure and then connect that to your PC via USB 3. Although it’s certainly there much more elegant one  much like the 900 696 the 900 71 8 promises much better performance than a normal high capacity USB Drive by using a LSI SandForce 2281 SSD controller. The same kind that a desktop SSD would use rather than a normal flash drive controller to interact with the flash chips on the drive. But this time instead of a cloggy dangle and fragile MSata drive, you’re getting a solid aluminum housing. One that is evidently assembled in the USA. It also has a metal key chain loop on one end, a nice upgrade from the last SSD controller based USB Drive I checked out. And a standard rubber USB port cover, a significant downgrade from other designs that I’ve seen that is sure to get lost quite quickly.

Then the last nice thing I had to say about is physically completing these  is that compared to other drives, it’s much skinnier making inserting it into closely spaced parts much easier. A bit more on specs before we jump in the benchmarks though it’s backwards compatible with USB 2 but obviously works best on a USB 3 port with support for UASP, a data transfer protocol that’s better optimized for random reads and writes and VisionTek claims that you can achieve up to 445 megabytes per second read and 440 megabytes per second write. Well above what we’re able to do with our flash GTX from Corsair — the only other similar SSD in your pocket based product that we’ve seen so far.