EA Money Milking Scheme for the Sims 4


Everyone complains about why the Sims 4 left out a lot of features that the previous generation of Sims game have.  Well, time for me to jump on board on the bandwagon of haters or shall I shay complainants. BRING BACK the Sims features we love, who’s with me? Those features, if you haven’t noticed makes the game more natural and realistic. Those tiny things are the kind of things when combined makes a perfect for the game’s genre.  Well, you can’t really blame the gamers for their this because in the first place EA and Maxis’ offerings on their previous releases  have set the bar rather high for its sequel and upcoming games.

Just to be straight to the point, why didn’t the developers just packed all those things that we loved from Sims 1 to Sims 3 and make it possible in the Sims 4 telecharger? That would be pretty awesome right? I would definitely buy that game. No questions asked. That’s basically my  reaction after playing 30 minutes of this new game, the fourth outing for our now-kinda-less-interesting game with its less features. Hey, do not worry everyone, I have this feeling that DLC will get these things fixed but who would spend another dime for it? I don’t know how much would that cost but I can only imagine around 10 or more DLC and that is whole of money. I just can’t be that fool to be spending just for a game. This is just me saying what I think would happen since it follows pretty tightly from the events that I have observed with the Sims 3.


Turns out the scenario that I have imagined about the Sims 4 is correct. A greedy game developer and publisher in EA will try to milk out as much money as possible from their die hard fans who would spend just anything just to play this game. Back when it was announced some time the other year or two, I remember myself being so happy but then right now I guess the tides have changed after actually seeing and playing the game.   To be honest, I am happy with it having to spend my 60 dollars for this game. It just feels not right. It is the Sims game that I love. Something got to change this. I just don’t feel recommending this game to you especially to those hardcore fans. I’m sorry but that is what I honestly feel and the Sims 4 is not worth it.